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Ripatuned Incognito Lower Damper Sleeve Kit (no crank pin kit)

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Ripatuned Incognito Lower Damper Sleeve Kit (no crank pin kit)
Ripatuned Incognito Lower Damper Sleeve Kit (no crank pin kit)
Ripatuned Incognito Lower Damper Sleeve Kit (no crank pin kit)



We are proud to announce the “Incognito” crank damper sleeve system! We have taken everything into consideration with this direct bolt on crank damper sleeve to take the labor out of installing a lower crank pulley on a Hellcat, Demon, Redeye and Trackhawk. True Patented Pending Technology that will be found nowhere else.

Our main goal for this product was obviously Performance (Real world Horsepower and Torque gains) but we obviously had a bunch of other considerations as well. We have successfully designed this product so that there are .... NO DAMPER REMOVAL NEEDED and....... NO TUNE NEEDED.

This pulley can be installed with our optional included crank pin kit, or without at your own discretion. Keep in mind, removing the upper supercharger pulley, tuning your car or pinning the crank are all grounds for warranty void, we do none of them with this kit.

This can be EASILY installed by the average DIY mechanic in less than two hours on the first go around. 

These billet aluminum “Incognito” sleeves precisely fit directly over your stock engine damper, and utilizes the center crank bolt and step to properly align. The 3 stock damper pulley holes are also utilized a-fix the crank pulley sleeve to the lower damper. The fitment is extremely precise over the OEM dampener with no additional run-out vs stock!

We are seeing a 1.5 to 2psi increase with our crank sleeve, and today we did extensive testing in very cold weather and great DA to check the stock tune. We are still safe on 93 octane at -1000da on a completely stock tune file, we made 13.7 psi with our race intake installed and 13.4 on the stock 2019 intake.

This can be used with the stock upper pulley to be as “incognito” as possible, or with any other upper pulley on the market to increase your boost even further without the labor or modifications that the other crank dampeners on the market require.  

*Due to higher boost levels stock, 93 octane is recommended for Redeye and Demon applications at sea level. 91 is acceptable only if fuel additives like torco and boostane are used*


Now for the results!! 

The results... 749whp on a completely stock 2019 hellcat (redeye/demon style box) baseline for this car was 659whp. 


The Ripatuned “Incognito” crank damper sleeve kit will include the following: 

•Billet Aluminum Black Satin “Incognito” lower crank dampener sleeve 

•Supercharger Drive Belt

•Supercharger Accessory belt 

•New OEM Crank Bolt for your specific year and model

•Detailed Instructions

•Optional Ripatuned Crank Pin Kit 


775 whp, no required tune. Can’t beat that!

Thank you all for the continued support. We are trying our absolute best to bring you innovative, affordable and easy to install products and help expend the Gen 3 Supercharged hemi market.


*as always, warranty void based on dealer/fca discretion*

*as with all aftermarket parts, modifications are at user discretion. Please check your local laws regarding modifications to your vehicle. We do not offer powertrain or engine warranties, install at your own risk*




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