Full IN"COG"NITO Blower Drive System

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Full IN"COG"NITO Blower Drive System

The Ultimate Supercharger Drive System for the Hellcat Platform.......

Say Good Bye to Belt Slip!

Kit includes:

IN"COG'NITO Lower Pulley

3 Proprietary Idlers Pullies ( Smooth)

Infinity Idler for cog setup

Cog Upper Pulley ( Instigator V3, Pump Gas Killer V3, )

Balanced Pulley Hub

Pin Kit

Gates  Accessory belt

Gates Supercharger Cog Belt

Crank bolt

Flywheel lockout Tool

All hardware.

And the intended boost and fuel setup you intend to run in the order notes! These are custom ordered kits based on boost level and there are no returns after ordering due to the nature of how they are manufactured.


******This is a Complete Kit, only the upper pulley hub and idler bracket are able to be reused from the Ripatuned V2 line****




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