Lets Go Brandon - TRX Package

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Lets Go Brandon - TRX Package

The TRX is a truly invigorating vehicle. Who needs 702 horsepower in a pickup? The same people who want even more! Here at Ripatuned we have put together a simple bolt on package that maximizes horsepower without the need to tune the vehicle*

Afe drop in air filters**

J&L catch can

180 Degree Thermostat*

The Incognito lower pulley sleeve. (proven performance with over 5000 happy customers)

The best bang for your buck! 


Lets Go Brandon! 


*in colder climates vehicles may throw a Check engine light for the 180 Degree thermostat. this CEL is harmless and can be avoided by allowing the vehicle to get to operating temperature before driving, or for an additional fee the vehicle can be tuned to accommodate for it.


** AFE filters and J&L catch cans  are currently out on national back order, for domestic orders you will receive two separate deliveries. The filters and catch can will be drop shipped. **


*** international shipment will experience delays due to the filter and catch can shipment delays. 

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