Ripatuned Incognito + tuning suite


Regular price $1,099.99
Ripatuned Incognito + tuning suite

The time has come. Incogntio + has landed.

We have been testing these files, and testing... and testing some more. We have come up with the ultimate tuning package for your Ripatuned “Incognito” lower pulley. At a price that won’t be beat.

I know what you all want to know.. the how much power... and what’s the price...

How does an additional 50-70whp sound over your already incognito equipped vehicle? All for $1099 for a 2015-2017 and 2018+ for $1199

No more 91 octane worries😉

The best part of this package, it can be fully upgraded in the future.. just like the incognito lower. No buying parts two times, we don’t believe in that.

P1400 code not included 😉

What’s included:

Unlocking service for your pcm
Hp tuners MPVI2
Credits for engine tuning
smart access hp tuners cable (18+ vehicles)
180 thermostat
Fully custom engine calibration

As you grow with modding the vehicle, this package will grow with you. I have worked on offering the best possible price for a fully custom calibration, with no shortcuts.

We are also offering a discount on this package as a complete unit with our lower pulley. The full package with tuning will be 1699 with lower pulley and 1749 with pulley and crank pin kit.

**additional tuning at a later date will be regular tuning fee**

**vehicle must be lightly modded (intake, off road pipe ok)**

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