RIPATUNED RT900+ PACKAGE (Demon and Redeye)


Regular price $4,299.99
RIPATUNED RT900+ PACKAGE (Demon and Redeye)


 A low 9 second car for 3999$ (With drag radials of course)

Ripatuned upper pulley with hub kit

Ripatuned Adjustable Idler kit

FIC 1200cc injectors 

JMS dual boost a pump kit 

HD Green Supercharger belt 

180 thermostat

Crank pin kit

Hp tuners MPVI2 with appropriate credits

Hp tuners smart access cable 

PCM unlock 

Supercharger Pulley Removal tools 

Custom Remote Tune (transmission tune INCLUDED)


Prices are for parts only and do not included installation. We hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend!

**please contact us via email, or the ripatuned facebook page for information about mailing your pcm in to be unlocked. Please have your order number ready it must be included in the initial email**





*Upper Pulley will vary depending on fuel and supporting mods*



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